Christian Larsen Music
      hristian moved to Denver in 2011 after an 18 year music profession in Chicago. He graduated in 1997 from DePaul University School of Music, with degrees in Sound Recording Technology, Percussion Performance, and Piano Performance. Christian has always been a live musician; playing, touring, and recording with various bands in vastly different styles of music. He has also worked as a sound engineer in professional studios. In the early 2000's, Christian moved away from ensembles to focus on composition
. Using a combination of live instruments and sequenced sounds, he has created a unique blend of orchestral and electronic music. He has released four albums under his own name, having solely written, performed, recorded, and produced each one. Christian's original works are generally cinematic in nature, and he licenses his music for film trailers, full feature films, television, and other entertainment media. In addition, Christian started a side project developing mobile applications for the iPad and iPhone. He founded the children's music education series "Treble Clef Kids", focusing on music theory and aural training for very young children. Christian is a tinkerer of sounds, avid collector of rare ethnic percussion instruments, and father of two budding musician daughters.

Christian continues to write, produce, record and perform. He enjoys being of service to his ever-expanding client base and pursues his musical gifts and passion to the fullest.