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Learn to read music and master the basics of music theory with the "Treble Clef Kids" lesson series!

"Treble Clef Kids" is an extensive series iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch applications. These apps train the student to recognize notes on a piano, key signatures, intervals, and scales. In addition, the students learn basic and complex rhythms, and beginning ear training.

This series is a must-have tutorial for learning and practicing sight reading, music theory, and musicianship skills!

"Treble Clef Kids", is a fun, interactive and educational way for kids (and adults!) to learn the basics of music theory. Many agree that exposure to music correlates to better performance in school and in life. "Treble Clef Kids" is the first step to enriching the lives of students and parents through music. This series was written to fill a perceived need of a simple yet effective music theory application. It is designed for children and adults of any age!

This is a new method to learn to basic musicianship skills in a logical, guided way, progressively building through the multiple applications. The lessons include:

  1. BulletLearning the notes on a treble and bass clef and the corresponding keys on the piano,

  1. BulletIdentifying key signatures,

  1. BulletLearning the names of intervals,

  1. BulletIdentifying intervals by their sound (aural training),

  1. BulletMajor and minor scales,

  1. BulletMajor and minor triads (3-note chords) in root and inversions,

  1. BulletBasic rhythms of quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note patterns, and

  1. BulletAdvanced triplet rhythms.

The interactive playing of the piano encourages students to seek the correct answer through the sound of applause, while providing quirky sounds for wrong answers without penalty. In addition, there are no advertisements for wandering kids' fingers to stumble upon.

These are powerful apps, proven in my own home, with days of enjoyment, challenge, and continued learning.

You and your child can learn to read music, too!

Treble Clef Kids

Treble Clef Kids is a series of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch applications available through iTunes which teach the basics of music theory, sight reading, and musicianship skills to children (and adults!) of all ages.

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